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I have been consulting in the software development industry for more than ten years. I have worked with clients throughout the world. I thrive on meeting new people and tackling new challenges. I think that's what draws me to consulting.

I studied Computer Science and Philosophy at the University of South Dakota. Although I enjoy travelling and working in new places, I still call South Dakota home. The wide open prairie and small towns are very grounding. I very much enjoy working in big cities. In fact, I count myself lucky to be one of those people that get to enjoy both worlds on a regular basis.

I started consulting while still in college for small non-profit organizations that needed help getting their computing systems updated. That work was very rewarding, but challenging due to budget and time constraints. After I graduated, I took a developer position at ThoughtWorks, Inc. ThoughtWorks offered me the ability to work on cutting edge technologies and see the world at the same time.

Along the way, I helped my clients and company to push forward and help shape the Agile movement. I joined the team that open sourced CruiseControl in 2001. I had been working as a build master on a project team for the year prior to that and had been searching for the type of automation we built into CruiseControl. It was a very exciting time.

After that, I worked with ThoughtWorks on a variety of innovative projects. We were pioneering the use of Agile techniques on projects throughout the world. Each project was a step forward in our understanding of how to apply adaptive planning, pair programming, continuous integration, test driven development, etc, to new teams.

In 2005, Jeffrey Fredrick and I started talking about getting the continuous integration community together. We started CITCON, kicking it off at CITCON Chicago. Now we run the conference on three continents every year.

In October 2007, I accepted a position at Stelligent. I published an official blog post about the move. A press release also went out over the news wires.

Now, I work as an independent consultant, helping clients with all things Agile engineering. That means continuous integration, of course. It also means pair programming, test driven development, adapative planning, automated functional testing, at least. See the services page for more specifics. I am also proud to one of "The CI Guys". The CI Guys are one way that Jeffrey and I collaborate to help clients around the world with "All Things Continuous Integration and Testing: Consulting, Coaching, Training and Implementation".

When I am not busy consulting, speaking, coaching and implementing, I like to tend my bees. That's right, I'm a beekeeper. Or apiarist, as I like to say.

Interested in learning even more about what I am doing now? Please contact me.

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