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I provide a variety of services, depending on the needs of your organization. I specialize in Agile approaches to software development, especially the use of Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development, Automated Acceptance Testing and Pair Programming. However, I have worked with a wide variety of teams, using an even wider variety of techniques (or lack thereof). What follows are some well defined services that I offer.

If your organization doesn’t quite fit these molds, don’t worry. Contact me. We can figure out how best to help change your organization into a lean, mean delivery machine.

Continuous Integration Consultation

As one of the "CI Guys", we'll conduct a conference call with you to discuss your continuous integration, build and release management environment. You can ask as many questions as you like. We'll give you the best answers we can. Here's the best's free. More information…

Test Driven Development Training

Using broken tests to drive your development process results in more easily maintained, extensible, refactorable code. Although many teams claim to be "test driven", they aren't really following the practice as described. As a result, they don't realize the benefits typically associated with the "extra effort".

Abandoning TDD won't fix your problem. Training your team on the right way to do it will give them the foundation they need to be successful. Note that most training programs like this one are most beneficial when coupled with regular checkups. Contact me for more detail.

Agile Coaching

Want to go Agile, but don't know where to start? In the throes of your Agile adoption program, but having trouble getting developers to "get onboard"? Doing iterative development, aka "sprints", but not delivering working code to your customer? You aren't alone.

Adopting new approaches to anything, in particular software development, poses great challenges. Practice adoption, team member reluctance, and misrepresented efficiency claims may all lead to disenfranchisement. I've been there before. I've helped teams overcome these trials. I can help your team…guaranteed. Contact me to discuss how I can best help.

Pair Programming Coding Dojo

Using a combination of pair programming and "coding dojo", I actively (emphasis on active) engage your development team for one day. During that day, we spend the first half doing an extensive code review, dojo-style. Note that a coding dojo applies the principles of a martial arts dojo to the development world. Namely, the best way to learn good coding skills comes from watching other people code well.

The second half of the day, may include more dojo programming, but more likely will be pair rotations at the developer's desk. We work on whatever the developer would normally be doing, while I impart good Agile programming technique.

At the end of the day I meet with the sponsor (you) to discuss where the team is now, where they need to go from here, and some ideas on how to get there. You can take it from there, or we can figure out how best I can help on an ongoing basis. Once a month…once a week…full time for a bit? It varies. Contact me to discuss a plan.

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