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CITCON in New York City

November 26th, 2016

I am very excited that we will be hosting CITCON in New York City on December 9 & 10, 2016.

Registrations are still open:

I am proud that my company, Intent Media, has signed on as the Venue Sponsor. As Chief Technology Officer, I am excited to showcase some of the great things we have been doing at Intent like

* mob programming
* serverless architectures
* employee growth based management
* continuous delivery
* polyglot programming

Should be tons of fun! Join us!

CITCON Portland Registration Open

September 7th, 2012

CITCON Schedule in SingaporeThe Open Information Foundation is excited to announce that CITCON North America 2012 will take place in Portland, Oregon on September 21 & 22. CITCON, the Continuous Integration and Testing Conference, will almost certainly include a plethora of topics about the newest amalgamation term, Continuous Delivery. (Thanks to Jez Humble and Dave Farley for publishing their book and giving us a solid name for the evolving field!)

When we were at CITCON Singapore earlier this year we covered topics that varied from the classic, “What is CI?” to advanced techniques for testing. Some Singaporeans mentioned that the whole DevOps thing is just starting to take hold there. I am sure in no small part due to the efforts of the fine folks at the ThoughtWorks Singapore office.

In North America, though, the last few CITCON events have been focusing more on advanced Continuous Delivery topics. That does not mean that practitioners new to the field should shy away. On the contrary, they are the most important attendees in many ways. They challenge the thinking of old timers like myself. They make me re-rationalize things I take for granted, like the importance of the cup-of-coffee metric.

I enjoy witnessing the CI server evolution evident at CITCON’s North American edition. When I first approached Jeffrey about doing a 5 year birthday party for CruiseControl, I did not envision it evolving into the CITCON we have today. Thanks to Paul Hammant for helping to name the conference and pushing for a broader focus than just CruiseControl. As time passes, we see people using all the different CI platforms to accomplish Continuous Delivery. Surely, users will be present from the communities of Hudson, Jenkins, AntHill Pro (and maybe the newest addition, uDeploy), BuildForge, Bamboo, Go, ElectricCloud, CloudBees…not sure this list ever ends. Since I don’t have time to keep up with all of them, I learn boatloads about each just by listening to people tell me about their real world experiences.

I would be remiss if I forgot to mention the testers! Having emerged from the computer science/programmer/build lackey world, I find myself missing out on the hardcore testing advancements. I help my client’s quality assurance teams automate their world, based largely on the information I gain from being a part of CITCON. People like Lisa Crispin and Bret Pettichord have made their way to CITCON. Every year, I meet new innovators in the testing space.

Without testing, we would not be able to deliver continuously! And that’s where CITCON’s true power comes into play. We have the opportunity to bring together both these worlds in one room, for at least a day and a half. Many testers, sadly, do not get to spend anywhere near that kind of face time with the developers with whom they work. I love seeing that spark in a tester’s eye when they put together a plan in their head for how to help their teams back at the office.

I could go on and on, but it boils down to this. If you are a software professional that cares about delivering software repeatedly with ease and joy, then you belong at CITCON! Register now:

CITCON Paris Interview

October 19th, 2009
Enjoying the sites of Paris.

Enjoying the sites of Paris.

While I was in Paris for CITCON, I met up with my old buddy Julian Simpson, aka the Build Doctor. I admire what he has been doing with his blog and we always have a good time chatting about old times, the present state of the industry and where we are going.

Julian was interested in interviewing me for his site. I was interested in being interviewed.

He also interviewed Jeffrey Fredrick.

Jeffrey and I both talked about relationship with CruiseControl, CITCON and various industry leaders. I think both interviews are a lot of fun to watch. Julian was limited to 10 minutes, so we didn’t get to everything. Feel free to ask any follow up questions!

CITCON Paris 2009 Almost Here

September 1st, 2009

CITCON Paris, the European instance of the Continuous Integration and Testing Conference, is just around the corner. Our registrations filled quickly and we had to put quite a few late registrants on the waiting list. The committee has begun the task of sorting through the waiting list now. We hope to accommodate as many as possible.

For those attending, I’ll see you in Paris.

If you can’t make it to this event, keep an eye on the CITCON website for 2010 events in North America, New Zealand/Australia and Europe.

Got CI, TDD, Pair Programming, …?

February 11th, 2008

Are you tired of fighting with management to get them to let you setup a CI server for your team?

Are you tired of tiring to prove that TDD will actually make your team developer faster?

Are you fed up with watching QA run their tests by hand, over and over again?

You need Stelligent!

At Stelligent, we are hiring the brightest minds in the industry to help us help our clients. What do our clients want? They want to do all those things that you have been trying to do at your job, to no avail.

So, join Stelligent and become part of the Agile engineering movement that really makes a difference!

Email your resume to

Test-Driven Everything!

November 6th, 2007

Now that I am working at Stelligent, I get to post blog entries on the company blog at TestEarly provides a wealth of information about the types of things we are doing in the industry. You might want to read through some of the back posts, including a very intriguing one by Paul Duvall on why you should fire your best people.

For a while now, I have been meaning to write up how one of my teams used FitNesse to automate testing throughout the full lifecycle of the application development process. We even convinced business analysts and customers to think about testing from day one. I hope you enjoy my first post to TestEarly on Test-Driven Everything!

P.s. Don’t worry, I will continue to post relevant information on this blog as well.

Accepted New Position at Stelligent!

October 22nd, 2007

I made the first public announcement about my new position whilst at CITCON Brussels 2007. But, today an official press release came out announcing the move.

Stelligent Logo

I am very excited to announce that I have officially accepted a position at Stelligent. Stelligent’s an innovative, small company doing cutting edge consulting on Agile, Continuous Integration, Testing and Deployment.

As some of you probably remember, the folks from Stelligent are the co-authors of the new book on Continuous Integration published in Martin Fowler’s signature series at Addison-Wesley. As I teased them at CITCON Dallas 2007, the best part of the book is the forward that I wrote… ;). Of course, the entire book is a great read!

I can tell Stelligent’s at that breakthrough point…where we are ready to go from a small consultancy to a great consultancy, leading the world with new ideas and approaches. In other words, it’s right up my alley!

Alt.Net Open Space Conference | Austin, TX | October 5 – 7, 2007

August 21st, 2007

Bret Pettichord just told me about an exciting open space conference that he, and a bunch of other people are organizing in Austin, Texas. It is called Alt.Net.

The website is not up as of the writing of this post, but Scott Bellware provides the logistical details as:

“The ALT.NET conference will take place in Austin, TX from 5PM on Friday, Oct 5th, through noon on Sunday, October 7th at the St. Edwards University Professional Education Center.”

In a post by Dave Laribee, one of the conference hosts, he answers the question “What does it mean to be Alt.Net?” as:

  1. You’re the type of developer who uses what works while keeping an eye out for a better way.
  2. You reach outside the mainstream to adopt the best of any community: Open Source, Agile, Java, Ruby, etc.
  3. You’re not content with the status quo. Things can always be better expressed, more elegant and simple, more mutable, higher quality, etc.
  4. You know tools are great, but they only take you so far. It’s the principles and knowledge that really matter. The best tools are those that embed the knowledge and encourage the principles (e.g. Resharper.)

I am excited that the Open Space conference format is spreading in the software industry. The mission of the Open Information Foundation, founded by Jeffrey Fredrick and myself, is to help these types of events which endeavor to make the sharing of information available to anyone, without financial impediment. We have been hosting CITCON, around the globe, to further this goal.

If you can make it to Austin for this event, I am sure it will be a very educational, enlightening and fun event!