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Enterprise CI Culture Maturity Model

September 14th, 2009

Last Friday, Jeffrey Fredrick posted my “guest” article on the Anthill Pro blog. The article reflects on a culture addendum to Urbancode’s Enterprise CI Maturity Model.

I use the maturity model. It has worked well for me. It works especially well as a communication tool with my clients. I was feeling, though, like something was missing. The aspects listed on the original maturity model were thing focused. Here’s an example, Historical Reports are listed on the Intermediate level for Reporting. Excellent point, and I agree. But that’s a thing. One could publish historical reports until they are blue in the face. If nobody looks at them, then what’s the point?

OK, so most of the maturity model implies some action, I know. I wanted to call that out a little more explicitly.

In fact, I wanted to bring out the People side of this equation. People over process, remember? Actually, People over Automation tools, should also be true. So, that’s what I did. I tried to pull together some People aspects that will help you gauge your company’s success. I hope it helps. As Jeffrey noted when he emailed the CITCON mailing list, he looks forward to seeing the maturity model continue to evolve. I do, too. I think it has the potential to level the playing field a bit and mediate the “tool wars”. Those wars cloud the real mission – working software.

Please read the full post. Feel free to comment there. I will be interested to see where we go from here.

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