Paul Julius on Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration has been around for a long time. So why don’t more companies have a good CI strategy in place? Because it's really tough!

Sure, CI servers like CruiseControl make it a lot easier to get a working system in place. But, during my career helping hundreds of people at enterprise organizations big and small, I have found the hard part isn’t installing the server. Designing a scalable, extensible, relevant CI implementation plagues even the most experienced release managers. Beyond that, getting teams to successfully embrace a CI approach can be the most daunting task.

And, that’s where I come in. I want to help everyone figure out how to build, test and release their software…well, better. You’ll find me blogging about it, spending open source time building it and running free worldwide conferences to further that cause. Yes, I also provide an array of consulting services, too.

About Paul Julius

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I am a technologist, focused on automation and continual improvement of software processes. As such, I have become an Agile practitioner. I am one of the co-founders of the open source project called CruiseControl, a continuous integration framework.

I also co-chair a series of international conferences on Continuous Integration and Testing, named CITCON. Every year we host a conference in a city in each of Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. The conference is free to attendees and espouses the mission statement put forth by the Open Information Foundation, founded by Jeffrey Fredrick and myself.

I have been working in the software industry for more than ten years. For more detail, check out Paul´s Biography

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